Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cooling Pad DeepCool N200 - Review

Okay so you have Laptop/Notebook/Ultrabook connected with power supply with or without, with other accessories connected with them either the mouse, external hard drives or so many other gadgets, well, might be!!! Now a days, laptop is an essential part in everyone's life and within homes or small offices, at least one laptop exists in their house hold items. It might be possible that particular person having more than one laptop, which they're running continuously throughout the day and then the picture starts! Well, means laptop getting hot as more number of hours you're using it. Every laptop at some point definitely gets heated - some heated a lot and some not that much but more or less it gets heated at some level of degree. Laptop/Notebook/Ultrabook got spinnable Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) and of course it got other important parts like RAM which too get heated.

Well, all these parts at some extent, getting heated is alright but our ultimate goal, always is getting the laptop cool at its best so you can juice out max from your lovely laptops/Ultrabooks. It is true that every laptop has an exhaust fan, or more number of fans which can cool down the laptop's temperature at minimum level. Still if you run the laptop for a full day, from morning till of late night, and believe me I'm also one of that person which very constantly and continuously running laptop all the day and dark late nights and even sometimes not switching off my lappy for whole two or three days, and here the temperature is rising of your laptop. As a solution, what is it? What we can do to reduce the heat/temp of our precious Hard Disk Drives, RAMs and other components which is specially the Battery?

Worry not, we have a solution and the name is Cooling Pad which can definitely have a superb option to reduce down the temperature and putting your laptop in a cooling mode, well, at least it is a reasonable & vital option to reduce down the temp at some level. And your laptop's life can be extended from few years to even more, from one component's life to so many other components.

HDD or SSD is an essential part in any laptop along with Battery. While charging, at some point, Battery also got heated and when Battery matter comes, you try to minimize the temperature as much as you can. Though, it also depends on Battery's Li-ion's chemistry or other Battery chemistry like Li-polymer. Most of the laptop's having Li-ion chemistry and for Li-ion, more cool the battery is, their life, more durability of your battery.

Regarding the Hard disk and your valuable data which are within the hard drive, it is obvious that when you switch on your computer, the hard disk starts rotating till you switch it off your lappy. Cooling pad is the best solution in present day and there are numerous  cooling pad available in the market. One can definitely extend the laptop's life and other components of course by buying the finest cooling pad.

I bought the Deep Cool Cooling Pad and till this day of writing its review, it's been almost a year so I can tell you exactly how good it is, as per the laptop wise as well as the Deep Cool's own experience for me and why we need it. 

I bought the cooling pad from Flipkart website and first point in my mind was not too much expensive that I wanted to buy as well as having comparatively good in specs. Back in there, I'm also having HP laptop, which is 7 yr old baby and I've used that laptop (till now as well) in all the situations, conditions from using on over especially bed, table, pillows and all possible places and because of all these places I learnt that using on over bed, pillow and other places where laptop's back has been covered, it is really a bad idea. Believe me, you don't want to use your lappy in those conditions! Because it literally covers the whole back side of your lappy and which results totally jammed up the hot air which wanted to come out and also because laptop wanted to be cool, inside the circuit boards with all components as well as HDDs, RAMs and especially the battery. Cooling pad is really a fantastic piece of equipment which only doesn't provide a good stand, but a real flat mode in which laptop can really breathe very well along with it gives the laptop in cooling mode as much as possible.

Deepcool cooling pad gets power through one of your laptop's USB port. Though my laptop (Samsung) has only USB 2.0 specification types, it runs very smoothly. Needless to say till this time writing of this review, my lappy is right sitting on Deep Cool cooling pad very comfortably. The model which I bought is DeepCool N200 and fitted perfectly with my 14" lappy. In addition it can also fitted very well with 15". For 17" lappy it might struggle, but for 14" models it is perfectly suited.

While looking at DeepCool, it is a simple straight design with plasticy element as well as Aluminum mesh. The place where you place your laptop, it got covered with Aluminum mesh and below that there's one fan exists. The fan is of 120mm in its width and rotates at 1000 RPM (Rotation Per Minute) using your laptop's USB port. Upon taking the cooling pad in your hand, not too heavy, particularly having weight of 589g which is not much of the heavy weight. You can easily move your lappy along with cooling pad from one place to another with ease. Rest area are made of plastic material, beneath having rubberized points which protects your laptop to slip over accidentally. It places perfectly on tiles and on tables and won't move while you work on your laptop.

The N200 model connects with your laptop's one of the USB port and it doesn't require any additional power port. Some cooling pad comes in such a design that you don't have to sacrifice your USB port which is already connected with cooling pad. So, at the same time you can use your cooling pad running on as well as mouse or pen drive or any USB related stuffs. These kinda models you want badly when you will be using too much of your USB ports, though they are a bit expensive as well compare to this N200. This N200 model dedicatedly occupies one of your USB port.

I got the 1 year warranty from DeepCool while purchasing from online store Flipkart. However, I haven't face any of the problem while using it all along the whole day till of 1 year. It is perfectly alright which has ergonomic angles for typing longer hours. It got anti-slip mechanism which place the laptop in a very comfortable position without fearing it will slip over while you type or work on your laptop. The fan is not at all noisy and in technical terms Noise level is 22.7 dBA; in practically you won't be able to hear the fan sound when fan is rotating at its speed. The fan got rear side ventilation so you don't need to worry when you place your lappy over bed or table.

There are numerous cooling pad available over online as well as over offline stores. Some of the cooling pad which has got different fans available, you can move those fans as per your needs depending on laptop's HDD where it is situated; you can move fan placing to make cool of your components in possible ways! Though these kinda models costs you a bit more than normal single fan type. When it comes to quality and with respect to your laptop's life, you definitely want to consider the best one. The DeepCool which I bought, having not much expensive and suffice your needs in a very reasonable pricing and definitely if someone is considering this model, they can sure to go with this model.

Whatever the model you purchase, its sure that your laptop's back side will have flatten surface upon which you gonna place your lappy, and you will be able to reduce down temperature at some point. It is true that every lappy has different designs with respect to where OEM place Hard Disk, RAM. As per your lappy's design you can have a look over online stores and you can have flat surface cooling pad which you can also use over your bed, pillow and of course on your table. I'm so sure once you purchase the cooling pad of your choice for your laptop, to reduce down your laptop's temperature, HDD and all valuable data, you won't regret! Go for it!

Any comments or suggestions or feedbacks are most welcome! Cheers!


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